Artool Steampunk FX  by Craig Frazer

Artool Steampunk FX by Craig Frazer

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There is a new art form and kulture hitting the streets – that has been around for over a century – everything old is new again! It is called “Steampunk,” which is not just an art style, but even more: a fashion statement, lifestyle, design aesthetiic and a huge part of kustom kulture. It is high science that is realized without computer chips and plastic, but rather with wood, brass, gears, steam engines and vacuum tubes. While the name “Steampunk” may have been coined in 1987, the artform embodies the aesthetic principles described by Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs and even Mark Twain. If there is an aristocrat of the Steampunk Genre, it would have to be Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel, of Besides being the Patron Saint of Steampunk, he is also a phenomenal artist, musician and politician. (One of his side projects is to become Emperor of the World). I am happy to say that I have received the stamp of approval for these stencils directly from the Dr. himself! The stencils supplied within are resplendent with all the “Tesla-esque” retro technical goodies that you would ever need to cre...