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Auto Air Colors

Auto Air Colors Fluorescent

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4200 Series Fluorescent Colors Fluorescent Colors are vivid neon colors that are very transparent. Best applied over 6001 AutoBorne Sealer White or a color-keyed sealer base to hide color loss, see below. Fluorescent Colors are not lightfast. Fluuorescent Colors will eventually fade due to exposure to direct light. Do not use for long-term, exterior finishes. To hide fading of a Fluorescent Color when used as an exterior color, for example on a helmet or ski jet, apply Fluorescent Color over a color-keyed base color instead of white. For example, apply 4261 Fluorescent Hot Yellow over 6004 AutoBorne Sealer Yellow instead of white so as the Hot Yellow’s pigment fades leaving only a transparent resin, the underlying color will be yellow instead of white, which helps hide the fading of the fluorescent pigment. Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide for further application information.