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Auto Air Colors

Auto Air Colors Cosmic Sparkle

Auto Air Colors Cosmic Sparkle

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4500 Series Hot Rod Sparkle & Cosmic Sparkle Colors Pearl Flakes in a transparent base. Apply as a pearl mid-coat over a base color or directly mix with other Auto Air Colors to create unique custom color creations. Hot Rod Sparkle are large pearll-flakes, Cosmic Sparkle are smaller pearl-flakes which are the same found in many O.E.M. automotive colors. Hot Rod Sparkle White is a universal pearl-flake that is actually transparent and, as such, color-keys with any base color. Hot Rod Sparkle White can simply be applied over any AutoBorne Sealer for a quick, easy yet brilliant pearlized finish or applied as a tri-coat over any color for added pearl-pop. Hot Rod Sparkle & Cosmic Sparkle Colors cover well. A 4oz. bottle is enough for a bike tank and fenders. While more material is applied compared with 4400 Series Hit – Lite accent pearls, Hot Rod & Cosmic Sparkle Colors are not applied to achieve full coverage. Apply as a pearl-coat which allows the base color to be visible; this create dimension in the finish. Hot Rod & Cosmic Sparkle Colors are best applied with a spray-gun or large tip-sized airbrush. Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide for further application information.
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