Auto Air Colors Gem Color-Shift

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Large pearl-flakes in a transparent base which have a color-shift. Applied as a mid-coat color over a black base. Best applied over 4220 Deep Black. Excellent coverage. 2 quarts is often enough material to paint a large vehicle. Color-shift not pronnounced until top-coat clear applied. Color-key with select 4500 Series Sparklescent Colors for perfect, true ghosted graphics which are readily visible on direct-views and disappear into the base coat on side-cast views. Refer to Sparklescent Chart on page XX for color keys. Applied over different base colors, Gem Colors create very unique and beautiful pearl finishes. Examples: Gem Ruby over 4356 Iridescent Electric Blue base, Gem Ruby over 4205 Flame Orange Base, Gem Ruby over 4350 Iridescent Brite Yellow Base. 4401 Gem Sapphire: royal blue to nothing shift (black base/base color has shift on side-cast) 4402 Gem Turquoise: green to blue shift 4403 Gem Jade: green to gold shift 4404 Gem Ruby: gold to red shift Intended for application with a spray gun or large tip-sized airbrush. Spray-Gun: 1.2mm tip Mini-Spray Gun: 1.0mm tip Airbrush: 0.4mm or larger Reduce: Spray-gun: @ 10% per volume with 4011 Flash Reducer Airbrush: @ 20% per volume or more with 4011 Flash Reducer