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4000 Series Quick Guide: 4030 Balancing Clear | Mix Additive – Essential additive that enhances spray performance & coating durability. Mix with all Auto Air Colors prior to use. 4012 High Performance Reducer – Standard thinner for lower viscosity for airbrush use. 4020 Automotive Reducer – A specialty reducer for painting in humid or cold conditions. 4008 Restorer – removes dried paint from airbrush & spray-gun. 4012 High Performance Reducer - A premium reducer for thinning water-based paint. For use with Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors, Illustration Colors and AutoBorne Sealers. Generally added 10% per volume to paint. May be added in greater quantities to achieve best viscosity for atomization of paint. Non-reactive; does not serve as a catalyst. Contains 2-Butoxy Ethanol Paint has a 72 hour pot-life after mixing with High Performance Reducer.