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Flakes Holographics 50 gr

Flakes Holographics 50 gr

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Holographic Metal Flakes are one of the finest flakes available. They shimmer through a rainbow of colours when viewed at different angles. Our Holographic Metal Flakes are solvent proof and wont fade in sunlight as they had a high uv coating on theem. we have had 1000s of customers use our Holographic Metal Flakes and continue using us all the time. Apply our Holographic Metal Flakes over any base colour to produce a real custom effect. The Metal Flake can be added to solvent or water based Lacquers, Clear base coats, Varnish and can also be used for Arts n Crafts. The Holographic Metal Flakes are available in Medium (008 Hex) and Large (015 Hex). The Holographic Metal Flake Colour Range: SILVER HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE GOLD HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE BLUE HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE RED HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE ORANGE HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE PINK HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE GREEN HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE PURPLE HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE BLACK HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE SAPPHIRE HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE FUCHSIA HOLOGRAPHIC METAL FLAKE Spray Gun Size for Metal Flake: (SMF) Small Flake is our fine cut flake at .004 x .004 hex. SMF flake size can be sprayed through most large size tip airbrushes, as well as HVLP full and detail sized spray gun equipment with a 1.0 nozzle set-up or larger. SMF lays down much flatter then MMF, LMF and XMF so it's easier to finish with clear. (MMF) Medium Flake is our medium cut flake at .008 x .008 hex. MMF flake size has a sparkling brilliance that is easy to use. MMF can be sprayed out of HVLP and conventional spray equipment with a minimum of 1.5 nozzle set-up or larger. (LMF) Large Flake is our large cut flake at .015 x .015 hex. LMF flake size has double the amount of sparkling brilliance of the LMF and has been used in the custom market for many years. LMF can be sprayed out of HVLP and conventional spray equipment with a minimum of 1.8 nozzle set-up or larger.
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