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Kronox 3100 3L

Kronox 3100 3L

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New generation low VOC clear coat. Excellent balance between quality and finish. Easy to apply and fast drying time. VOC <420. This clear coat should be used in a ratio of 3:1 plus 5-10% of VOC Plus additive so the painter can adapt the mixture too his own preferences and working methods. This makes the product extremely easy to adapt to immediately. Another new feature of Kronox 3100 is its 3 litre can. This format is easier to use and leads to higher product turnover and hence fewer problems caused by cans being open for too long. Moreover, the exclusive design of the new packaging will enable work to be carried out more comfortably and with better control over product dosing. The new container is much stronger and safer for transport and storage. Its hardeners are K34 (slow), K35 (standard), K36 (fast) and K38 (ultra-fast). We would like to make a special mention of the K38 hardener which helps to achieve unparalleled drying speed at this level of finish and durability. It also offers some other significant advantages for the body shop: Rapid dust-free drying Extreme hardness Resistance to humidity Excellent performance at any temperature
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