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Mack Serie 20

Mack Serie 20

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Made from the very finest quality squirrel hair, the Mack Series 20 is America’s No.1 automotive touch-up brush. These brushes are great for all round pinstriping work as well as being the perfect tool for auto body touch-up. The series 20 is lacqueer and enamel resistant and has a length out of 2” or 5.08cm. This series has a dark green thread ferrule and is available in the following sizes: No.00 = 5.55mm ferrule width No.0 = 6.35mm ferrule width No.1 = 7.93mm ferrule width No.2 = 10.31mm ferrule width No.3 = 12.7mm ferrule width No.4 = 14.28mm ferrule width No.5 = 15.8mm ferrule width
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