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Robliner black 600 ml/200ml herder

Robliner black 600 ml/200ml herder

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Robliner is a 2k acrylic polyurethane coating with a mix ratio of 3:1. Both its high mechanical and chemical resistance make it an ideal product for coating the visible parts of trailers, pickups or other visible surfaces that may be exposed to morre extreme conditions, both physical and environmental. Although its most popular and well-known use is as a coating for visible areas on pickup trucks, its versatility makes it an ideal product for many other applications. Its main features are: A textured appearance that is easy to personalize. High mechanical resistance (to abrasion and scratches, impact, etc.). High chemical resistance (water, engine oil, …). Corrosion protection. Weather resistance and UV protection. High hardness and flexibility. Excellent adherence on different surfaces. Applied coating resistant up to 185ºF. Recoatable with Dicrom, Ucrom, Disolac and basecoat and 2K topcoat systems.
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