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T CUT Clay bar kit

T CUT Clay bar kit

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The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit contains: The Clay Bar, T-Cut Clay Liquid 500ml, Exclusive T-Cut Clay Wax 500ml and a Microfibre Cloth. The Kit guarentees a smooth, mirror-like paintwork finish! Why Clay? Have you ever ran your hand across the surface of yyour vehicle and it felt like sandpaper? The the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit is for you. It creates a smooth as glass, mirror like finish on all paintwork, fibreglass and metal surfaces, and increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing. Every minute of every day, vehicle paintwork is under attack from harmful surface contaminants such as road grime, tree sap, surface oxidation, bug residue, industrial fallout and other common paint contaminants. Washing removes the soft contaminants but does little to reduce the impact of stubborn, imbedded contamination. By waxing over these contaminants, they are simply sealed in where they will continue to do harm. The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit is a special blend of all the lubricants and materials needed to remove surface contamination from paint and leaves your vehicle's finish clean and super smooth. It is recommended to use the clay bar twice a year to remove the harder contaminants that get stuck in the paintwork and to maintain that perfect finish. Clay Bar, a non-abrasive, synthetic polymer which acts like a magnet to collect all the small contaminants on a vehicle's paintwork which aren't visible to the naked eye. The Clay Bar should treat a mid-size vehicle 2-3 times (depending on how dirty the paint is). For best results use one half of the Clay Bar at a time. T-Cut Clay Liquid A thin film of T-Cut Clay Liquid provides a safety barrier that enables the clay to aquaplane across the surface. T-Cut Clay Wax T-Cut Clay Wax creates a super-shiny and smooth surface to all vehicle paint finishes. The slippery surface helps to protect the paintwork by inhibiting certain contaminants such as dirt, grime, and road tar from sticking to, and damaging paintwork. Microfibre Cloth A highly absorbent and super soft cloth which buffs paintwork to a brilliant shine.
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